Saturday, April 6, 2013

Autism and the Single Dad

Life as a single father to an Autistic child, definitely comprises the most challenging and interesting times in my life to date. Most important thing to remember with Autistic children is that everything is all about schedules and doing things outside the box. Most days I don't have time to myself, and everything I do has to be timed in between meeting all of Daniel's needs. I have however, learned how to work around this so chores and my exercises can be done with relative ease. Ultimately the largest problem I face as a single father is that I have no help to fall back on. No matter sickness, injury, or just being drained physically, I must always press on. Now that Daniel has started to communicate, he is asking questions to which I do not have answers. Questions about his mother and grandparents and all I can say is that they've gone away for now. Not only must I provide the firm hand of guidance as a father, but I must also show the compassion and sensitivity of a mother as well. It proves taxing mentally at times trying to fill both roles, but what can I do except all that I am able. The only advice I can offer other parents of kids on the spectrum is to slow things down, and try and see the world the way our children do. At the very least it will help you gain the patience and new perspectives needed to understand your children the way that they need to be. And above all else don't panic, things are only as bad as you let them become.

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