Jamie & Hunter

Welcome to my little piece of the blog. I am Jamie Thomas. I am the founder of our group. I am the mother of Hunter who was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS, SID/SID, Severe Speech Delay, Feeding Disorders and Behavior issues (aggression). H came into this world at 34 weeks. He was a born fighter, spending 2 weeks in the NICU learning how to do all the things typical newborns do with ease such as breathing, eating and regulating their body temp. After a bit of a jump start we got to come home. From then on out its been a crazy ride we never want to trade. From RAD/Asthma, to our recent diagnosis this little guy has kept us on our toes! He is part of the inspiration along with my other three amazing children on why I want to do what I do.  
I am studying Early Childhood Education at Cisco College. I teach preschool and I love it. Children and education are a passion to me. While taking Children with Special Needs this semester, having my own special needs child and working with a few children with special needs it came to me. I felt this calling that I had always had nagging me at the back of my mind finally push through and show itself. I wanted to help teachers help the children they have in their class with special needs. More so those who are early childhood educators. I also wanted to be able to provide families with resources, information, a shoulder a place to go to vent. With my Practicum goal in mind I emailed 6 of my friends and The Spectrum Connection was born. 
Not only is this part of my project for the semester it is my goal to grow this group into something bigger and better. I want to not only help families my target is more military based. While they can utilize EFMP to help them get the resources they need sometimes hearing it from other families, having other families to talk to will help them feel a little more comfortable and at peace with where they are at. 
I am so glad we are able to post our journey here so that others can see that they are not alone, that we are all on this crazy journey together. Our aim is to be a place to go for comfort and support. To seek knowledge and feedback. 
If you would like to visit Hunter's page please feel free to join and follow at https://www.facebook.com/HopeforH?fref=ts
Sensory Santa Abilene Nov '12
 Autism photo Session with Ashley Larson
Autism Photo Session with Ashley Larson
 Riding at the Legacy Complex. Trying to take off and put on the rings
 Deck the Stalls at The Legacy Complex. This is "his" horse Slurpee!
 Our family! Sean 12, Hannah 10, Ella 7 H 2.5
 Sensory Santa. He loved the sensory boxes
 DFW Walk now for Autism Speaks. Nov '12
This year for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks we will be Hunter's Heroes.
H also suffers from severe Asthma/ Reactive Airway Disease. He handles treatments like a champ

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